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We Like to Move it, Move it!!


Haha!  I just had a major flash back to PT school.  Anybody with me?  We like to mob (short for mobilization) it, mob it!  Seriously nerdy.  But, fun. Unless it was an actual mobilization lab practical, then tie my guts in a knot!

ANYWAY!  So, yes, we are moving!  Not back to Texas, alas, but just a little north of the twin cities in Blaine, MN.   Our current landlords are moving back to MN after having been in CA for the last year.  And, we are super sad about leaving our neighbors and our little “hood”. We couldn’t have asked for a better first year. Even the winter was kind. By moving north we are getting more space for our buck, and, my favorite thing AN ATTACHED GARAGE! Those don’t seem to be quite the commodity one would expect in a northern state! To be fair the house we live in no was built forever ago, and I’m sure they didn’t want to park the horse and buggy right next to the house.  Now that I have an attached garage, I say bring on the snow!  I don’t think I will mind so much now that I won’t have to load and unload 4 kids while standing in a blizzard or just negative 10 for that matter.  Until I get where I’m going, I guess. Logic, leave my happiness alone!  We get the keys to the new place on May 1st, and movers come the 21st or the 20th, I can never remember. I’m hoping to take the kids on Daniel’s work days and get it all cleaned up and some things moved before the actual move day.  A good friend suggested I do the kitchen a few days before the big move, so that will all be done and unpacked on the big day.  I think it was excellent advice.  🙂  I am super excited about this house for lots of reasons, we will have two sets of washers and dryers!  Holla!  The new landlord added a set up in the basement for the ones we own and said he would leave his there, too!  Such a nice guy. And, we will have an extra room  and bathroom for guests!!  YAY!  So, anybody want to come visit? PLEASE COME VISIT!!! Alright, enough about the house.

We decided to wait to put Josiah in school. He turns 5 this summer and is ready in so many ways, but every person I admire and respect has told us that waiting a year for summer boys is a good idea. So, I thought I would heed the advice of the wise and wait.  And, I think we’ve found a school we like.  Although, it will make me sad to leave when we do, because there aren’t many of these schools, only two in TX, and no where near we would be ending up, I’m sure.  Now that we have settled that huge question, I am excited about the next year with all my babies at home.  I feel like the Lord has given me a vision/goal for next year and I am loving it.  I still have to work out all the details and nail down some of the logistics, but I think it will be mostly like circle time.  I think I will be focusing on character qualities, scripture memory, and catechisms (a super big word, for something that isn’t a big deal check out this link if you are curious).  I’m excited about all I will learn! 🙂

I think those are all the updates I have for now. Thank you all for continuing to pray for my sister.  Check out her blog for more updates from her.  Losing a child just isn’t something you get over. Ever. So, thank you all for your persistence in prayer.

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks. Amanda got my mom a picture frame that connects to your wireless internet, so we can email her pictures directly to her frame.  How cool is that?  Needless to say, I have been a little photo happy lately.  Trying to make sure mom and dad miss us enough to come visit or come get me!! 🙂  Love you guys, thanks for reading!

brothers.  half the pictures i take i have to delete, because josiah is quite the photo bomber- with any part of his body he can get in the photo!  usually it’s just a finger or two, but occasionally we get his whole head.  at least in this one he is smiling! oh, and before you think i have to delete all because of josiah, aaron is almost impossible to photograph.  he thinks it’s funny to close his eyes.  EVERYTIME! i took about 15 pictures to get this one! ugh. forget trying to be an artsy photographer. all i have the patience for is hanging in there long enough to get one with eyes open and no “bombs” ruining those. 🙂

such a good boy, despite the bombing.

“enough, mom!!”

um….i wish i was as sweet as she is, like her shirt says.

or her, annaleigh is such a good baby!

had to share. this was on the flight home from TX.  she looks peaceful for having the flu and about to puke all over me, right? calm before the storm, y’all.

Thanks for reading!  I’m sure I won’t get to post before the move; so ttyl! lol!  haha!! icsuaaa! (i just made that one up. you can do that right?) anyone  guess what it stands for?