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Long Time, No Post


So, yes, it has been two years since my last blog. That is a more than a little ridiculous. In my defense, baby number three was a shock to my/our system.  Not because Aaron was a difficult baby, by any means, but three three and under was. And we have moved two times in those two years.  One of those moves, was quite devastating to my little Texas soul. 🙂 Thus, the Blog name change.

I have been wanting to blog for a while, but am just now getting to it.  Maybe all the studying Daniel is doing for his first round of finals is getting to me. I have made all the crafty things I can think of, watched my entire collection of Anne of Green Gables, and read a book. I could be doing laundry, but this is so much more fun!

So, a quick update.  Most of you who will be reading this already know the details of our life. So I will make this brief.  After Aaron was born we moved into what was going to be my dream house. And it was a glorious 11 months!  However, after having been there only 4 months, the Lord began to work in Daniel’s heart and mine, and called Daniel to seminary in Minneapolis, MN! This is quite an amazing story of the Lord’s work in our lives.  But, I think I should’ve blogged about that a long time ago. Through some incredible acts of God, we sold our “dream” house, and by June 1, 2011 were moved into our rent house in MN.

During this time of grieving because of leaving our family and overwhelming excitement about our new adventure with the Lord, we found out baby number 4 was on their way!  This one was planned.  🙂  As a quick sidenote, I was hoping to be due in September, before Daniel started his first semester in school.  But God, in his infinite wisdom, decided my due date should be in December.  And, I cannot tell you how perfect this has been.  Hopefully, we will get to have Annaleigh (that’s her name), in Texas surrounded by family.  Plus, Daniel will be on Christmas break for an entire month.  How gracious of the Lord to think ahead and to know better than me.  I wish I could remember these acts of kindness from Him more often.  Especially on days like today, when I had small pity party because of my huge belly, the snow and cold, and missing my family.  How ungrateful I am most of the time. That turned out to be a long sidenote, huh?  Well, Daniel kicked off the summer with a nice shocking round of a year of Greek in just a month and half.  He did amazing.  Can I just say, my husband is really very smart? He is.  Plus, i think he is super cute. Ok, moving on… Now, we are in his first semester’s finals.  And, boy am I glad.  I knew this was going to be an adjustment, but whew.  Much harder than I thought.  Not living here, that has actually been really cool, until recently. 🙂  But, just having Daniel be stretched so thin and be so busy.  I have heard that each year it is supposed to get easier and easier, but who knows.  Not if we keep adding babies, right?

I could make this an incredibly long blog, I’m afraid.  I guess that is what happens when you haven’t blogged in two years and a lot of life happens. I should probably tell you guys, that I love commas.  I’m pretty sure I over use them, too.  Sorry, if they bother you.  (mostly sorry to Kelsey, who is probably cringing at my declining grammar skills.)  I have been doing a pre-K reading program with Josiah to test my hand at home-schooling.  So, right now I am brushing up on my phonics skills.  I imagine in a few years, we will get to commas and my blogging will drastically improve! Ha!  In, the, mean, time,,,,,,,

Here are a few pictures of the babes.

Claire on her second birthday

Aaron on his first birthday. And unlike me, he prefers his thumb to his cupcake!

a little photo project to say, "Happy Father's Day". check out the amazing flowers in the back yard. MN summers are awesome! also, isn't it crazy how much she grew in 8 months?!

my jo. i love this little boy.

Aaon is hard to get to sit still.

silly kids

Josiah turned four this summer. It was Spiderman overload. This face of enthusiasm continues still. Boys.

and.....summer is over. just like that, people.

see, it is already snowing. this is the best picture i got of our first snow. i wasn't willing to go outside. eek!

Ok, so that’s it for the update.  We plan to head back to TX in a week or two.  Hopefully, Annaleigh will stay put till we make it home.  🙂  I will try to get one more blog in before we go.  And then I will probably wait until we get back to post pics of our new, sweet baby girl!  Josiah has been praying for her to have green eyes!  He thought of that all by himself. I pray the Lord will answer his prayer to build his faith in the God of details.  What an amazing God we serve!