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Aaron is HERE!!!


Hey guys, just wanted to tell you all that Aaron is here!!  He is a wonderful baby so far!  He was 7.5 and 19 inches long.  Delivery went great, although very different from my other two.  I guess what Aslan says is true, “Things never happen the same way twice, Dear One.”  The best thing about this delivery, besides the fact that it brought us Aaron, was that I went into labor on my own!  I was supposed to have had to induce on Monday morning, but the grace and mercy of God saw to it that my body and Aaron were ready on their own!!  Praise the Lord.  He is amazingly faithful and so so so Good.   Here are some pictures of Aaron and a few from Christmas.  Thank you all for praying for me and the baby!  God has heard your prayers!!


 I look pretty terrible, but it was the best one of me and Aaron together so far.Aaron      Josiah 

In the car seat about to come home.

My sweet baby girl.  She is so wonderful.  I love having a girl.

Claire with my Uncle Brian.  This is the problem with girl clothes, every time you pick them up in a dress you show every one their undies. 🙂

I think I mentioned she is walking now?  She is such a big girl!  I thought she was so little, until Aaron came.  Now she seems so big.  She turns one on the 2nd!!!  Happy Birthday to Claire!!


Blessed Be the Name of the Lord


Thank you all so much for all the praying and texting and encouraging you all have done for our family and Josiah over the last two weeks.   I cannot tell you how much we have felt lifted up and surrounded by love and sympathy.  Daniel and I have been truly moved by so many of you that called and emailed and texted and brought food and gifts.  Such an ordeal would not have been as bearable without all of your support.   You guys truly were the body of Christ for us.  We love you all and are so grateful for each of you. 

I wanted to post a couple of pictures from the hospital and give you guys an update on Josiah.  As of today, he is doing SOOOOO much better.  He still has some joint pain affecting his gait and some seriously cracked lips, but his attitude is much improved.   He is sleeping much better and would be making it through the night if we didn’t have to wake him up to make him take his aspirin.  We should only have a couple of more nights of that.  He has his first cardiologist appointment next friday.   We are fully expecting a good report.  I will post and let you all know how it goes.

Daniel and I both agree this has been the hardest thing we have ever gone through.  It was very scary and we felt extremely helpless to spare our child from such a painful disease.  Even though we knew this disease was completely curable with modern medicine, we still felt very much at the mercy of Christ for Josiah’s healing.   We are so grateful that God has heard our cry for help and healing and answered us with mercy and grace.  Our faith has been grown in a way it never has been before.  And just like the bible tells us that all trials are painful while you are going through them, but produces deeper faith and  love of God when over.  This has been true for us.   This trial has definitely left a mark on our souls.   Thank you, Jesus, for being near us and for healing our son. 

Here are some pictures from the hospital stay and some of my beautiful baby girl. 🙂

This was taken day one at the hospital.  It’s hard to believe that he actually looked worse than this at times.

I know this is a sad picture, but the red you see on his face was all over his body.  His forearms, hands and legs were the worst. 

This was taken day 4 at the hospital.  One small bright spot for the day.  He just found out we were going home.

As cute as you can be in a hospital gown. 🙂

My sweet sissy girl.  She is trying her best to walk.  She can walk about two or three feet all by herself.  She just still prefers to crawl at this point.  I think her brother scares her from walking.  He is unpredictable and not very helpful when it comes to her walking.   She sits down as soon as she sees him coming!!
Oh, and she is 11 months old!!  She is growing so fast!