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This past week has made me truly thankful for my family.  I am so thankful for my kids and my incredible husband.  I am truly blessed beyond measure by the grace of God.  Thank you, Lord, for my salvation and the beautiful gifts you have given me. 

Cousin time.  They play really great together!009

Big bows!  A friend made them for Claire.  So cute!!010

My boys watching the storm and drinking hot tea.  Only, Josiah’s was not hot. 🙂024


Thanks Laura for the hat!  She is wearing her brothers shirt, because at Wal-Mart the only sweat shirts for girls had silly glitter and puff paint all over them.  I figured robots were better.054

Trying to walk.  She is getting close!  My guess is by Dec. 1st.  Daniel says Nov.29th.  We shall see…056

Sweet daddy time.  She is really falling in love with him these days.  It’s so adorable!065

I LOVE them!!!!069


A New Post


Creative, huh?  Daniel is out-of-town and I am doing laundry and I’m bored so I am going to do a quick blog while Josiah plays peacefully by himself  and Claire is taking a nap.  We went to the fair a couple of weeks ago and Josiah rode rides for the first time, ate funnel cake and petted a lama.  He had a blast.  I think he could have ridden rides all night long.  He was too short to ride by himself, so Daniel had to ride with him on everyone.  So cute, to see my two boys on the Dragon Wagon!  Daniel was a trooper!  He said Josiah was soooooo excited the whole time.  Claire and I watched from the sidelines, waved and ate yummy food.  It will be fun to watch them ride together one day.

Speaking of sibling love, I walked in the living room last night after I finished washing dishes and Josiah was on the couch and Claire was standing by him and he was leaning over with his arms around her neck giving her kisses.  When I walked in the room, they both turned and looked at me with HUGE smiles on their faces!  I am trying to store memories like that in my mind, so that when I am overwhelmed with the other side of sibling love, the hitting side, I won’t totally lose hope. 🙂  I pray so often for them to truly love each other and encourage each other and be to each other what my sisters are for me.  I know God will honor that prayer, and I can’t wait to see those things take place.  In the meantime, I will have to keep disciplining and training in that area. 

There has been some drama while Daniel has been gone…  I only work one half day a week and the day I had to work this week is when all the drama takes place.  Seriously.  Isn’t it funny how it all seems to happen at once?  Josiah always helps me cook breakfast in the mornings.  He sits on the counter by me and stirs stuff, and cracks eggs and usually does awesome.  Well, yesterday he helped me scramble some eggs.  Daniel called to check in and say good morning right as the eggs were done, so I took the eggs off the burner, turned it off, went to get a plate (while talking on the phone) and I look back at Josiah sitting on the counter… and he reaches out his tiny hand and puts it right on the burner that I had just turned off!!!!  Because he helps me cook all the time, I have told me him a HUNDRED times not to touch the burners, and I have even let him get close to touching it to demonstrate just how hot it really is.  Well, he got to experience it first hand. He scorched his second, third and fourth fingers pretty bad.  I put them under running cold water until the screaming stopped, gave him some Tylenol, and got some ice for him to hold. There were no open n wounds just HUGE blisters. We put some Dermoplast on the burns and turned on a movie.   My mom thankfully, came to babysit that morning and she did AWESOME with him.  She held him and got a glass of ice water for him to put his hand in.  I am not sure how, but Claire slept through the whole thing!!  I finish getting ready for work, go to my car  to leave, in the pouring rain, and my battery is dead.   ARGH!  I left the door open a bit and the light was on for like a day and a half.  So I had to drive my mom’s car to work, which is a stick!!  EEK!  I haven’t had to drive one of those since I was 16!!  But it turned out pretty good, I only died twice on the way to work and none at all on the way home!!  Needless to say, it was a crazy day!!  I have a good pic of Josiah’s hand to show you guys.  It is doing really great now.  The blisters are still huge, but the pain is WAAAYY down, Thank You, Jesus! 

Here are some pictures for you guys…

Playing outside and eating dirt before the rain set in.  Her eye is watery because of allergies.  Poor girl.  This isn’t the prettiest picture of her ever, but I just wanted to share how dirty they get while playing outside!!008

To the fair we go.  Like our new/used double stroller?016

Petting goats, sort of.  I don’t think he wanted to touch them really.020

On a ride.  Josiah was too small and Daniel was too big.  Haha!  So cute!029

Blisters.  Poor baby. 


 This was taken this morning (10.17.09)  10.17

Pictures for Jamie


Hey guys!   Well, there is really nothing new going on here.  We are all trying to avoid the swine flu.  The kids and I have had a cold the last 12 days or so.  I think it is all over, now.  Claire is about to have a mouth full of teeth.  Which is making it a little hard to tell if she is still fighting a cold or if her runny nose if from teething.  Time will tell!  She’ll get it over it one way or the other, though, right?   

Well, a few weeks ago, my cousin Jillian took some pictures of us.  She is starting a photography business and needed some people to practice on.   She did a rocking job!  She was so full of energy and made us feel super comfortable and did great with Josiah.  Sadly, though, Claire was horrible.  She is never horrible, but for pictures, she was.   She wouldn’t sit still, she cried the whole time, and she wouldn’t even take a nap!  So I had to take some of her later myself and I sent them to Jillian to edit for me.   I hope you will like them as much as I do! 

Oh!  and we decided to call him Aaron Mann!  We ordered our Christmas cards already and had his name printed on them, so we are committed.  I really like it.  I got him some new baby clothes for winter, and I have been imagining him.  I think Aaron will fit him perfectly. 

I don’t think we have any other news right now, so enjoy the pictures!!!

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Didn’t they turn out so good!!?  She is awesome!  This is her website if you guys want to see more of her work.