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An Update…Finally!


Hey everybody!  I know most of you know all the details of my life already without having to blog.  But I will also post some pictures! 🙂 

We are having another boy!  We are super excited!  I was really hoping for a boy so that Josiah would have a brother close in age to him and so that Claire wouldn’t have a sister that close.  We are still trying to decide on a name we are about 90% sure it will be Aaron Mann, but Judah Steven and  Aaron Judah are still on the table.  I am waiting for Daniel to decide.  My favorite pick was Judah Steven, but Daniel had doubts about Judah.  Then he got me kinda hooked on Aaron, now he is back to thinking about Judah.  SOOOO… who knows but it will be one of these names for sure.   Mom and I went shopping in Dallas over Labor Day weekend and got the new boy some clothes!  It made it all seem so real and it also made me really excited.  I know my life will be absolutely crazy and so busy, but I am so thankful to the Lord for new life!  I have been feeling the blessing of the Lord over this baby and my personal spiritual life during the last couple of months, and it has been amazing!  I know not only will Christ sustain me, but poor out His mighty Spirit on me to overflowing  joy!   I know I will have my, “I think I might die.” moments, but I feel as I look over this period in my life I will always remember it being marked by joy unimaginable!

In order to accomodate the new baby, we have sold my car and gotten a used, excuse me, a preowned, minivan!  What?!   You heard me right, I am so not cool anymore. 🙂  But much to my surprise, I actually like it.  I think it will be a huge blessing and help.   Automatic doors are AWESOME!  Also, we are either selling our house or remodeling.  I think it will end up being a remodel job that will add a room and bathroom, and make the kitchen bigger.  We don’t have anything definite yet, but hopefully one or the other will have happened by December, before the kid gets here.  One day at a time, right?

In the mean time, Josiah has moved to a big boy bed!  He has done AWESOME  not a single problem so far!  So proud of him.  He is growing up so fast.  We left his crib in his room in case the new baby gets here before we have remodeled or found a new house.  If that happens, Claire will sleep in the room with Josiah and the new baby will get Claire’s room until he can share with his brother.

Claire is crawling and pulling to standing and cruising!  I know it will be just a few more months and she will be walking!  Crazy!  I did not expect my daughter to do things before my son!  It makes me wonder what this next one will be like.

Thanks for reading and catching up on us.  Here are a few pictures of my kids from the last week or so.



This is Claire.  Standing in her high chair.  Josiah never did this!!  I am having to train on a bunch of new stuff with her.  Thankfully, she is a fast learner!019

Before CBS.  I had just woken her up to go.  Thus, the serious face.041


After CBS.  Thus, the happy face.  My kids LOVE CBS.043


Isn’t he changing so much?!034


Josiah loves to feed Claire.  She just opens her mouth in total trust.  He tells me now, ” Just one at a time, Mommy.”!!  So funny.  011

Being silly in his new hat.  He actually will wear it!  This is new for him.  I took a bunch of pics of him in the hat and this was the best.  He tries to pose for the pic and it usually turns out pretty bad.  No offense, Joey.022

This is Josiah’s new friend Jack.  He is two weeks older than Josiah.  He talks as well as Josiah does, so they get along really well.  He is a super happy natured kid.  This was their second time to hang out.  They are also in the same CBS class and Sunday School class.  They play really great together!  Josiah’s first real friend!!  YAY! 027