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Baby Update


Well, I finally got my ultrasound!!  There is just one baby in there, so yay and boo at the same time.   Although, it might have killed me to have twins, it would have been nice to be done with one last pregnancy.   🙂  So, as I guessed, I’m not as far along as the calender said.  My new due date is Jan 8th.  You can all start praying that this baby will grow fast and come in Dec.  Daniel and I would REALLY like to have this baby under the same deductible as Claire.  It is, of course, in the Lord’s hands.  I still don’t want to induce, even though the incentive is HUGE this time.  Everything looked great and the baby is super healthy so far!!  I even have a couple of pictures!!  My next apt. isn’t until July 28th.  I think I will be able to find out what it is on the apt after that!  Here are a few pictures to reward you guys for reading!!  Oh, we are going on our 6th year anniversary trip this weekend!!  Yes, that means I am leaving both babies with my parents.   EEEK!  I’m not worried in the least about Josiah.  And I only worry about Claire, because she has just learned to take a bottle and is still waking up in the middle of the night.  I know she will be just fine, I will just miss my little sweetie.  On the other hand, I am TOTALLY psyched about our little trip!!  Yay! for wonderful reasons to celebrate with your best friend in the whole world!!  I love you, Daniel!!



awww…031 - Copy (3)

Washing dishes!!  🙂003 - Copy (3)

So happy!  I wish the love for bubbles would last until he can really wash dishes! 🙂008 - Copy (2)


Potty-Trained and Crawling


Hehe.  Josiah is potty-trained!!! Claire is crawling!!!  Fun times at our house! 

Sorry, it has been so long since I have posted anything.  We have been traveling and a million other things.  The kids and I went to Arkansas to visit my beautiful Laura Day and her kiddos.  Both of our hubbies were out of town, so we had to take advantage!!  But let me tell you it was CRAZY!  Three boys, 3, 2 and 1, and my sweet baby girl made quite a handful!  It was so crazy that we didn’t get any pictures!  We tried the very last morning we were there, but the boys would not stand by each other at all!!  It was funny.  We had an awesome time, though!  Laura is an AMAZING cook!  I’m hoping she will post her recipe for the waffles and pork chops (not served together…) we had while we were there. And this is me asking, Laura. 🙂  You guys can check out her blog here  We went downtown, such a cute square, to eat and look at all the cute shops.  I had the BEST chicken salad I have ever had!!  Wow.  I have actually been craving it since we have gotten home.  I’m thinking about trying to make it, if I can guess all the flavors in it.   We also took the boys to a park and let them run wild. 🙂  My favorite part was after all the kids went to bed, Laura and I got to stay up late talking, watching movies, folding clothes (which is way more fun with a best friend to fold with), and I watched Laura finish sewing me a FREAKIN’ awesome bag!  I need to take a picture of it and post it.  I LOVE IT!  There, seriously, isn’t anything she can’t do!  Laura, we had a great time!  Thank you for being such a great hostess!!  Josiah is still asking for Miss LaYa!!  We love you!

Laura was my inspriation for potty training Josiah!  She gave me lots of tips and assured me that he would catch on very quick.  She was right!  We started on Monday and by Wednesday he wasn’t having any accidents at all and telling me in perfect time that he needed to go, plus waking up dry from both nap and night time!  I don’t fully trust him at night or nap time, yet, so he is wearing pull ups for a while.   He loves it and looks so cute in “big-boy underwear”.  I have a picture, but he only wants to be silly in pictures these days! 

Claire is not officially crawling, by definition, but she is fully mobile.  She just goes where she wants.  I have a few pictures of her.  The other day I gave Josiah a graham cracker to eat and somehow it ended up in the floor (yuck, I know).  Before I found it, Claire did, and had eaten half of it before I found her!!!  I kinda freaked out; she is only  5 months old!!!  I had barely even started her on cereal yet.  Josiah didn’t have a graham cracker until he was probably 10 months old!!!  My poor third child!!!!!

Last night before Josiah went to bed, we were reading a Bible story from a new Bible we just got for him, Read-Aloud Bible Stories Vol.1,by Ella K. Lindvall.  It is awesome by the way if any of you parents are looking for a good version of the Bible to read your kids.  It takes several scriptural references and tells a story and the illustrations are really interesting.  Josiah is MESMERIZED by it.  We have several other versions of the Bible that we have read to him, but this is his favorite!!  ANYWAY, we read the story of how Jesus got in a boat with his disciples and while they were out on the water a big storm blew in.  Jesus was asleep on the boat and all his friends were afraid and woke him for help.  He asked them why they were afraid when He was there and then calmed the storm.  Well, as “luck” would have it, that night a HUGE storm came through town.  I’m telling you it was crazy!!  Some of you may have been through the same storm.  Daniel was driving home it for like two hours.  There was lightning and thunder and crazy hard rain.  Josiah usually sleeps through these with ease, but last night he woke up crying and scared. I went and got him out of bed and got to talk with him about the storm and how we just read that we didn’t need to be afraid, because Jesus was with us. I reminded him that Jesus told the storm to be still and be quite.  Then we prayed that Jesus would calm the storm we were in.  It was amazing the change that took place in my little boys countenance.  He was immediately calmed down and unafraid!!  By the time Daniel got home the storm had calmed down enough to put Josiah back to bed.  Josiah didn’t even cry!!  Thank you, Jesus, for being who you say you are!!  Thank you for loving us and being so faithful.  Thank you for calming our storms and when you don’t calm them, thank you for giving us the ability to walk on the water! 

I go back to the MD this coming Tuesday.  Hopefully, I will get an ultrasound and will have a more acurate due date.  If I find out anything good, I’ll post it.  I hope you guys are all doing wonderful!! Love you!!  Thanks for being interested in our lives!

Here are some pictures.  We haven’t taken many lately.  Sorry.

My Claire. Crawling!!078 - Copy (2)

Later that day… after using her new found skills!085 - Copy (2)

My big boy!!!!!091 - Copy (2)

On the way home from Arkansas.  He just recently decided he likes sunglasses!073 - Copy (2)