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For Joyce


So we went back to my mom’s today to take pictures of the duckies.  Mom was glad that she didn’t have to get all the way in the water.  She only had to wade out with her rubber boots on to get them to come in.  They went CRAZY with swimming.  Every once in a while one of them would dive out really far and then all of them would start squawking and splashing like they were applauding the brave one.   Daniel asked Josiah this afternoon what noise the ducks make and Josiah started squawking just like them and flapping his arms.  Daniel said, “Wow! Those ducks are crazy.”  as if Josiah was exaggerating.  But it was pretty close to the truth.  They are so funny.  It is amazing to me to see how God ordered the world.  Even down to the tiny ducks who always stay in a group and will “magically” follow around their care giver, even if she is human!!  If He loves ducks so much to put that in them, how much more does He love us!?  Thank you, God, for telling us of your MAJESTY through nature!

Here are some of the best pictures I took of the duck tales. hehe:)

A little introduction, first.  This is Sumo.  He is a Peking duck and he is, my mom says, the leader of the pack.  096-copy

Mom had just gotten them out of their pen, and they were being a tad disobedient at first.016-copy-2

 Momma duck encouraging good behavior.017-copy-2

A change of heart!018-copy-2


“Momma, wait for us.”019-copy-2


Mom kept syaing, “Come on, Babies. Come on.”  And they listened!022-copy-2

Adorable, right?024-copy-2

They finally made it to the water.  Josiah had to go in too, of course.032-copy-2

Sumo being a stud!033-copy-2


Mom wanted them to move to a new swimming spot and they followed her yet again.049

This is Mary.  Well, at least mom thinks she is a girl.  This Mom’s and my favorite duck and Dad’s least favorite.  Mom thinks Mary has a crush on Sumo.  She usually sees them together.060-copy

Big splashes!064-copy

Claire enjoying the view from the wagon.074-copy

Coming back from the pond. They love her!082-copy

A happy family.084-copy1

Bath time before bed time!!093-copy

A funny picture to reward you for looking at all the duck pictures.  Daniel and Josiah decided to make faces and take a self-portrait.  I was surprised Josiah understood!!  I LOVE these boys!!002-copy-2


Joyce, Mom said to tell you that her internet is down (that’s why she hasn’t emailed in a while) and she lost your phone number.  If  you will email or facebook it to me I will get to her for you!  I hope Savannah and Caleb enjoyed the pictures.  They would’ve loved to see the duckies, I know!!  We miss you guys!


Thumb Sucking is Awesome


Well, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.   Yes, despite my best efforts, Claire is sucking her thumb.   I was trying to pull it out every time I caught her doing it, but there is nothing I can do at night.  So, as a result, she has totally stopped taking a passy.  I am hoping I can get her to stop before I did.  I sucked my thumb until I was in 1st grade!!  My mom told me I was totally level headed about quiting.  She just told me I had to stop and I did.  Maybe Claire will be that easy, and maybe I can tell her before she is in the first grade.  🙂  But in the mean time, I have to admit it is kinda cute.  

SOOOOO glad that summer is on its way.  It was 91 degrees here the other day!  Daniel says it is going to be a hot summer.  I think, though, it is always a hot summer in TX. I let Josiah go swimming in the back yard the other day.  It was a last minute thing, so I let him go in his birthday suite!!  Don’t worry, Jamie, he had on PLENTY of sunscreen!  He is already about 10x darker than me.  It is crazy how fast the boy tans.  Poor Claire, she will be like me, probably.  I only show signs of a tan at the very end of the summer, and then it is gone in two seconds when fall comes around.  Maybe she will be like her Aunt Gracie, who tans really well despite being white.  ANYWAY…  Here are some pictures of my little duckies.

Oh, speaking of duckies, my mom is raising about 6 ducks for the lake at their house.  My mom has been their primary care giver since she got them, of course.  Well, they LOVE her!  They will actually follow her around outside.  She walked all the way from the barn to the little pond in the back yard to let them have a swim, and they followed her all the way there!!  They wouldn’t go in the water, though.  Most likely because she wouldn’t go in first.  She is actually thinking about going in just for them!! I will have to take some pictures of that if it really comes down to it.

Take one of a brother-sister picture.002-copy

Take two.  This was the best it got. The little boy wouldn’t sit still. 🙂003-copy

Sucking the right thumb.009-copy

And the left!!!! We’re doomed!101

Silly shot with the mouth open!023-copy

Bringing the trash back with daddy.004




We had an awesome Easter!  We had a lot of family come to town on Saturday, and we had a big egg hunt, and pinata, and GREAT cupcakes, and boat rides and and and…. It was a blast.  Josiah had so much fun that he skipped a nap that day!  We tried to put him down Saturday afternoon for a little nap, but he was too excited still to go to sleep.  He was having too much fun playing with all of his cousins and second cousins.  Claire did what she does best right now, eat and sleep! 🙂  Here are some of the pictures from the weekend.  Although, I know you will all be shocked, I didn’t take as many as I thought I had.  Daniel was in a golf tournament in Saturday that he had had planned for a long time, so I wasn’t very good at taking pictures and taking care of two kids. But, as usual, there are some on my Dad’s camera.   Also, I know my cousin, Jillian, will blog about this weekend and post some amazing photos.  You can check her blog out to see  more pics.  On Sunday we went to church and ate at Lugi’s before totally crashing at home from all the fun!  It was so good to see my sisters and family!! I LOVE FAMILY!!!


At Mom and Dad’s house on Saturday!007


Josiah on Sunday at Luigi’s, in his tie.  Sooo cute. By this point the hair was starting to get crazy.027


  “Seesters!”-as Kelsey would say.011


My easter bunny.023


This is Claire in her easter dress.  This was right before I took it off to put her down for a nap.  I had volunteered to work in the church nursery during the 8:00 service, so didn’t get to take any pics of the kids together.  Next year. 030