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An Ode to College


Two of my college roomies came to visit me this past week/weekend, and it was so much fun!  There isn’t much to do in MP, so we had a good time just sitting and catching up.  Well, and, there isn’t much you can do when you have two kids under two who HAVE to have nap time.  And a mommie who also needs her nap time. 🙂  Jamie decided that she liked living in her fast-paced metropolex lifestyle best.  I don’t blame her either.  I miss the big city sometimes too.   We talked about how long ago that we all lived together and tried to remember everybody we went to college with, but alas, our memories have faded and we didn’t make it very far and ended up eating cake balls (thanks Jamie!), watching chick flicks, and painting our finger nails!  A true girl weekend.  It was so refreshing to have my soul girls with me.  I feel lifted up and sharpened and loved after having been with them.  Plus, they really help 0ut with the babies alot!  Both of my kids have to remember that they are not the center of attention after they leave.  Josiah woke up after his nap asking for Kaely and Jamie!!  Thank you guys for coming to visit us!  We treasure you!  Here are some pictures of this weekend.  Kaely was the photographer; so I didn’t have any pictures on my camera of her.  Which really stinks.  I have a couple on my dad’s camera.  I will try to get them from him so you can see her beautiful face.  Thanks Kaely for documenting the week for us!

A fun day outside.img_27871

Josiah put his dad’s hat on all by himself to play in the dirt.img_2802

I was squishing his face a little hard to keep him still. Oops. He thought it was funny, though.img_2813

Kaely and I took Josiah to some puppies.  He was beside himself with joy!img_2814

Josiah wearing Kaely’s glasses.img_2825

Bath time.img_2830

Reading time with Jamie. img_2845


Updates and Pictures


Everything here is going wonderfully! Claire is growing and growing and Josiah is talking more and more everyday! Claire had her two month check-up she weighs 11.3 and is 22.5 inches long now.  She did great getting her shots and is super healthy!  She is smiling all the time now.  Here are some pictures for you guys.  Love you all!

We all went to Austin a couple of weeks ago. Some of these pictures are from then.  Like this one…065-copy

Playing on the BEAUTIFUL quilt one of my best friend’s mom made Claire!!  Thanks, Dulce!0181


And this one!  Ruby!!  Isn’t she cute?! My mom got her this head band.  It was a great week with the fam!!055-copy

awww!!  Sorry, Manda, but it was way to cute of the cousins not to share!!058-copy

This park was right outside of our hotel!  It was so perfect.  Don’t you feel sorry for the poor cow?  I have no idea where he learned this!!  He was so excited to ride.  He LOVED the cows!082



These I took about three weeks ago.  He is growing so fast.  I love him.005-copy




This is still the face he makes when you ask him to smile! 🙂  adorable.008