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Sidewalk Chalk and Bubbles…


My friend Jamie came to visit us over this past weekend.  She came, as usually, bearing gifts.  She brought us about 5 meals, cake balls (soooo yummy), and sidewalk chalk and bubbles for Josiah.  We all love it when Jamie comes to visit! 🙂  Josiah went CRAZY over her.  I am afraid we wore her out.  It’s lots of business over at our house.  Josiah had to have Jamie wherever he went.  He actually had a near meltdown when he thought he was going to bed and Jamie was going to stay.  Once he realized he could play a few minutes longer with her, he overcame the sorrow.  We had to put him to bed before we would let her leave.  She is just one of those people that all kids love, I think.  They just naturally trust her.  There is really, so far, only one other person he just went to without any reservation, and that luckily is our babysitter!  So, Jamie, WE LOVE YOU!!  We all had a great time with you and can’t wait to see you again!

In other news, Claire is growing so fast!  She is going to be so big before I even know it.  Josiah loves her and it is so cute how he helps me with her.  She was in her swing and spit up; he came to find me and told me, “wipe”, so I would come wipe her mouth!  How funny?! 

Here are some pictures.

Josiah in his cowboy outfit.  He went with his pops to a grand opening of a new deer feeder store in MP.  All he needs is belt and belt buckle.  He calls his boots, “John Deer boots.”  He loves them, especially when Dad and Pops wear boots, too.002


Playing with the sidewalk chalk. 010


Picture of his art work on top of mine. 🙂  I think he was pretending to write his name.013-copy1


Blowing his own bubbles.  So cute.  He actually could blow the bubbles, though.025


My little blue eyes.029-copy


Sleeping on the couch.  We were taking a nap together, but I had to get up… 😦008-copy


i’ve been tagged…


My friend McCall tagged me on her blog.  So you will all get some random info about me today.  At the end I will post some pictures!  Yay for pictures, yes? 

Ok so here it goes…

1.  Talk about my “main squeeze”/ hubby.  I first have to tell you that I am the LUCKIEST woman in the world I think.  Daniel is AMAZING.  Let me tell you. 

Our history:  We met at Pinecove- family camp.  He was Red-Cardo (after Ricky Ricardo and the fact that he got a red card in soccer once).  I guess no one knew Daniel was Brazilian and not Cuban.  Oh, well.  Anyway, the Lord did not give the two of us a chance to NOT like each other.  It was truly Him who continued to put us together at camp.  Although, yes, we were friends, we kept getting regularly assigned to the same duties, and yes, i just said duties… hehe.  We had work week together, then bus duty together, and thankfully all this happened at the end of my term, or else we might have started dating right then.  But we didn’t…so in Sep. we all got together to hang out and he asked if he could write me.  How romantic is that?  So we wrote, we dated, it was wonderful…  He proposed the following December and we were married June 21, 2003!!  It will be 6 years this summer!!!  He has grown so much as a leader and as my friend in those 6 years.  He truly takes his role as husband and father seriouly and leads us with such confidence,  kindness and purpose.   I am so thankful to the Lord for him.  I know that he will contiue to become more of a man of God as our years together grow!  Love you, Daniel.

2.  List 6 ways you measure success in your life:

                   1.  the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life.

                   2.  happiness of my husband.

                   3.  obedience of my children.

                   4.  joy in my home.

                   5.  thankfuless in my heart for the gifts the Lord has given me.

                   6.  the level of my ability to love others as myself.

3. Tag other people to do this.

So I tag, Kaely Blay, Lori Blong, Laura Day, Ellen Enright, and Jillian Garza.


Claire weighs 9.5 now and is 21.75 inches long.  She is getting so big.  She is smiling all the time and it is glorious. 🙂   Josiah is so close to saying his name.  He says siah and will occasionally get the jo with it.  He LOVES his little sister and kisses her CONSTANTLY.  He knows his colors now, well, the primary ones any way and tells us what color everything is.  Oh and he is totally into his dad right now.  He wants to copy everything he does.  I love it.

Now for the pictures…

all dressed for cbs… just look at those blue eyes. anybody think they’ll stay blue?026


sleeping beauty.  this is about all she does right now.038


isn’t my mom beautiful?046


my dad’s pretty handsome too, huh?049

in the car seat055


with vovo056


some more sleeping065

                                                                            would ya look at those eye lashes…lucky!


           this is joey at the same age as claire. he might be a bit older, but just by a week or so. i thought you might enjoy                                                                                 the comparison.  what do you guys think?img_0437