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So Much Fun


Hi!  I am blogging just to post some pictures for my friends that keep asking me to.  We are all doing great.  Josiah is adjusting well, and Claire is sleeping great.  I am still crazy tired, but that’s to be expected, right?  Josiah is talking up a storm!!  He says so much!  He has been telling me for about a month now when he has to go poo-poo!!  I am waiting until Claire is older to start training on the pee-pee thing.  He’s such a big boy!  Oh, and he has started saying “awesome!”. It’s hilarious!  Daniel gets a flight magazine and we look at it while he is on the potty.  Josiah will see a plane he likes, which is most of them, and gasp and say, “Big! Awesome!”  So funny.  Ok, so here are your pictures…

 My sleeping baby.  This is about all she does right now.  🙂 



Daniel put him in this too small robe after bath time.  Too funny. 111

 This was taken before Claire was born, but I’m posting this for my sisters.  I love you both and miss you both.023


First Baby of 2009!!!


Claire is finally here!!  Not only is she here, but she made a grand entrance into the world- she was the first baby born in Titus County for the year 2009!  I really didn’t think it was possible since it was already the second day in January, but she made it.  Just one of the perks to living in a small town.  So because our daughter was so famous, hehe, we got our picture on the front page of the paper, lots of gifts from the hospital, a steak dinner from the hospital, and a ton of other stuff from local businesses!!  How fun!!  After me complaining for the last week that I hadn’t had Claire already, God still gave us such a wonderful and fun birthday for Claire!  God’s timing is the best.  I am still surprised that after walking with the Lord for so long, I can’t relax and trust that.  I have learned these last few days that I am too impatient.   Had we induced, like I did with Josiah, I would have missed out on the awesome blessings the Lord had for us and for Claire. 

All that said, the blessings of the Lord continue in our lives… It was a very easy delivery (about 4 hours), albeit painful-until the epidural, and the recovery is going 10x better this time around!  Josiah is handling things very well, so far…and my husband is the champion of all husbands!  He is helping so much.  Also, my mom, sisters (Manda cooked us a meal!!), grandparents, and Sunday school class has been amazing too!!  Thank you guys so much for all the help! You are a HUGE blessing!  We love you all so much!

Here are a few pictures of my sweet little girl.

This was the picture that was on the front page of the paper. Except I was looking at the camera in that one. This was about two hours after I had her. My nurse came in and said the paper was on their way and I needed to put on some make-up…  Amanda was nice enough to give me her shirt; I hadn’t brought one that I would’ve wanted on the front page of the Mt. Pleasant paper!!  So funny!




With Daniel’s mom and dad.


A family of four!!! Thank you, Lord for your goodness!100

With all the Grand kids, minus the one that only Amanda can hold right now.104

A close up.094

The steak dinner.  It was so nice, they set the table and everything!095

Thanks again to all of you who have come to visist and who cooked and who gave wonderful gifts and especially those of you who prayed for me, Claire, and the delivery.  You guys have made everything so peaceful and pleasant.  I will take some more pictures soon and post again sometime.